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In only 15-minutes, this online scientifically validated assessment will help you gain deep insight into your current levels of personal and relationship health across 28 dimensions of health essential for holistic wellness! A personalized results report will be emailed to you, and you can choose to go over the results by yourself, or book a 15-minute tele-session with a certified HWH coach.

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Find out what our happy customers have to say about their journey!

Enlightening Experience

- Kara

"The Happy Whole Human Holistic Wellness Program is a fantastic tool for personal growth and development. This program has been an enlightening experience for me. The self-reflection questions really made me think, and I learned new things about myself. In order to grow, you really need to be honest with yourself and this program guides you to do just that. Additionally, Dr. Leits’ self-hypnosis mp3’s are great and I highly encourage you to listen to them! They have helped me sleep better, and have a better general sense of well-being!"

Simply Brilliant

- Colette

"Dr. Leit’s visionary approach to wellness in an easily accessible format is simply brilliant. From the comfort and convenience of home, by way of the Happy Whole Human Website and the Holistic Wellness Program, one is able to access a healing space that feels personal, confidential and sacred. I felt a sense of inspiration, empowerment and self-indulgence. Going “within” felt like a welcome respite, as a sense of serenity and gratitude washed over me. Thank you!"


- Andy

"I truly appreciated the stimulating HWH assessment and the insightful coaching. The approach was simple and illuminating. I identified some profound areas for growth. Many thanks."

Meet Happy Whole Human Founder, Dr. Lisa Leit

A really good trip changes you. It wakes you up…inspires and challenges you. Out of familiar routines you find yourself seeing and doing things differently. You are simply more present, aware, and alert. A true adventure involves an intention, willingness, expert guidance and a great deal of trust in your own instincts. That’s why I’ve have designed a private virtual healing space for you to embark on a profound life-changing personal journey and I’m so honored you’re here. I’ve spent the last decade focused on personal growth and interpersonal relationship dynamics. I’ve done the research, learned the tools, and distilled the most powerful aspects into Happy Whole Human. I really want this to help as many people as possible, so I’ve kept it within reach and done my best to create a delightful experience! I want you to think of this as an online retreat that offers you a relaxing, safe, private place for you to conquer your fears, get out of your own way and learn to live as a Happy Whole Human. What does it mean to be a Happy Whole Human? It’s different for everyone, but just imagine feeling increasingly radiant, happy, and fulfilled. My coaches and I are not here to judge you, but to admire your courage in starting to look much deeper than you have before into what is working in your life and what isn’t. Enjoy, and let us know how we can support you in your journey!

HWH Founder

Dr. Lisa Leit

I am a life and wellness coach and teacher with 15 years of experience working with 2000+ clients and students all over the world. I love helping people help themselves and take control of their health and happiness! My HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® vision, approach, and methods are enhanced by applied experience in diverse settings and over 20 years of education. My Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin (UT) in Human Ecology with an emphasis on the psychology of interpersonal communication qualify me as an expert in the fields of developmental psychology and behavioral dynamics. Trained to conduct quantitative research by top in field professors and pioneers in the field of interpersonal relationships, my cutting edge comprehensive holistic wellness self-assessment and corresponding online curriculum facilitate the optimal balance of self and other focus by empowering individuals as they overcome unconscious patterns of narcissism and codependence to achieve well-being and relationship fulfillment.

Results, Performance, and Integrity

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